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Willie Wilson’s 10 Point Plan


Create Safe Neighborhoods:
  • End Carjackings
  • Re-open Community Mental Health Centers

No More Property Tax Increases:
  • Property Tax Freeze

Re-open Closed Schools:
  • Elected School Board

Legalize Recreational Marijuana:
  • Tax It
  • Make it Safe

Economic Development:
  • Create Small Businesses, Community Based Grants
  • Fairness in Contracts and Jobs
  • End Homelessness

End Political Corruption:
  • Honest Government
  • Progressive City Council

Support Sanctuary Cities

End Police Brutality:
  • No More Laquan McDonald Cover Ups  

Abolish Red Light Cameras
  • Seniors Ride CTA Free

New Revenue Generators:
  • Citizen Owned Casino +$1B (est.)
  • Marijuana Tax +$1B (est)
  • Re-open Meigs Field +$500M

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Call to Action Donate $5 now

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Willie WIlson Campaigns at 87TH and the Dan Ryan

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

On this anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I must say we still have a long way to go in Chicago.

A half century after his March for equality and fairness people are being over taxed, underemployed, are still victims of police brutality and cover ups. 50 years after Dr. King Marched for fair housing the Chicago Housing Authority sits on a half BILLION DOLLARS in cash reserved for low income housing still and won't build any housing for the poor.

Dr. King sacrificed his life and I'm willing to do my part to bring about change. A half century is long enough, we must all commit to make a change now.

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We were all born free and equal.

We were all born free and equal. Every person has the ultimate right to self determination without discrimination, with dignity and respect from all.

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Dr. Willie Wilson will donate $100,000 to his campaign

Campaign finance law defines a ‘self funded’ campaign as a candidate who contributes $100,000 or more to their own campaign. That cap is broken by a single contributor to any candidate.
Dr. Willie Wilson will contribute a single check of $100,000 to his campaign tomorrow and discuss the importance of defeating and replacing Rahm Emmanual.
To level the playing field Dr.Willie Wilson is depositing $100,000 of his own money in an effort to defeat Rahm Emmanuel. This contribution to his campaign is a clear indicator of his determination to rid Chicago of the worst Mayor it has ever had. 'I am prepared to do whatever it takes to win this race for Mayor and give the citizens of all 77 communities in Chicago a leader with a heart for the people", Willie Wilson added. Lifting the cap on individual campaign contributions will also help the other candidates as Raum Emmanuel will likely spend upwards of fifty million dollars to keep power for himself and his wealthy friends.
WHAT: Dr. Willie Wilson officially announces lifting of the campaign contribution cap for the 2019 Mayor’s race
WHO: Dr. Willie Wilson
WHEN: Wednesday 2pm April 4, 2018
WHERE: 345 east Wacker Dr. Penthouse, #4601
CONTACT: F. Scott Winslow, Campaign Spokesman, 312-972-3929
Rosie Danials, 773-780-4629

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Willie Wilson running for Chicago Mayor again WGN

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WBBM Coverage of the Willie Wilson for Mayor Anouncement

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Dr. Wilson sharing service with pastor Floyd and Word of Life C.O.G Church on Sunday.

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Willie Wilson Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Chicago 2019

Dr. Willie Wilson Announces 2019 Mayoral Bid

"Chicago is bleeding jobs, citizens and hope. The present administration doesn't know how to stop this but I can and will as the next mayor of our great city of Chicago," Dr. Wilson referring to high unemployment and the thousands of Chicagoans who are leaving the city for better lives elsewhere wants to give the voters a man with a plan for gainful employment, safer streets, better schools, entrepreneurial opportunity and real hope for ALL of Chicago's citizens. Dr. Wilson's word to all those that have left the city, "help me become mayor so Chicago can be your home again."

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