Stand With Dr. Wilson

Join the many others who believe in Dr. Wilson’s vision for a better Chicago:

Who's endorsing

Rodney Washington
Esther Barnslater
Fernando Judon
Kayla Williams
Ola Clark
Felicia Kimber Self Employed / Imbaco
Razak Ali Universal Nation
LaTonya Cole
Melvin Crawford Shekinah Glory
Andrew Border
Brock Merck
Dr. Leonard Fourte The Fourt’e Family 500 Plus Family Members in Chicago IL.
Deidra Hogans
Millicent Williams
Dwayne Alexander
hrhbebyeeivelil abraham Mr. bebyee i abraham
Aashish Warty
Marcel Thurman Marcel Arucas
Kim Sims
leonard davis Turning Point Initiative
Mariel Carr
Kealii Vasques
kevin wood none
Sid Guest Stamson's Soul Food restaurant
Barack Obama

54 endorsements

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