Willie Wilson Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Chicago 2019

Dr. Willie Wilson Announces 2019 Mayoral Bid

"Chicago is bleeding jobs, citizens and hope. The present administration doesn't know how to stop this but I can and will as the next mayor of our great city of Chicago," Dr. Wilson referring to high unemployment and the thousands of Chicagoans who are leaving the city for better lives elsewhere wants to give the voters a man with a plan for gainful employment, safer streets, better schools, entrepreneurial opportunity and real hope for ALL of Chicago's citizens. Dr. Wilson's word to all those that have left the city, "help me become mayor so Chicago can be your home again."

Former U.S. Presidential candidate Dr. Willie Wilson, an iconic philanthropist/businessman, as a private citizen has been fighting for the ‘least of these’ for decades.

Most recently his work on prison reform for those unjustly detained has also been a mission for Dr. Wilson - bailing out non-violent offenders as well as reforming local and national legislation to ensure fair treatment of all citizens.

What about the folk who've never seen the inside of a jail? The average citizen trying to provide for their families? Well that can be hard to do in Chicago because property taxes have been raised 8 times during the present administration - Wilson has always said "'too high' property taxes strangle homeowners" so he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money to pay the property taxes of struggling homeowners.

Wilson has personally and organizationally touched the lives of homeowners, students, entrepreneurs, the incarcerated - in other words he has reached out to ALL of Chicago knowing that "Economic Empowerment and Public Safety must be part of Chicago's DNA so we can be the international gem we were always meant to be.”

The Wilson Chicago Mayoral Campaign 2019 launches today March 27, 2019.

WHAT: Dr. Willie Wilson officially announces and launches his bid to become Mayor of Chicago in 2019

WHO: Dr. Willie Wilson; Clergy; Elected Officials; Business & Communtiy Leaders

WHEN: Tuesday 9:30am March 27, 2018

WHERE: New Academic Sunroom & Auditorium - Chicago State University 9501 S. King Drive Chicago, IL 60628

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