Willie Wilson’s 10 Point Plan

REAL solutions to turn Chicago around!

“Politics & city corruption have hurt the people of Chicago for far too
long. Learn Dr. Willie Wilson’s common sense solutions to put people
over politics and turn Chicago around!”

----10 POINT PLAN----

  1. Create Safe Neighborhoods:
      • End Carjackings
      • Re-open Community Mental Health Centers
  2. No More Property Tax Increases:
      • Property Tax Freeze
  3. Re-open Closed Schools:
      • Elected School Board
  4. Legalize Recreational Marijuana:
      • Tax It
      • Make it Safe
  5. Economic Development:
      • Create Small Businesses, Community Based Grants
      • Fairness in Contracts and Jobs
      • End Homelessness
  6. End Political Corruption:
      • Honest Government
      • Progressive City Council
  7. Support Sanctuary Cities
  8. End Police Brutality:
      • No More Laquan McDonald Cover Ups  
  9. Abolish Red Light Cameras
      • Seniors Ride CTA Free
  10. New Revenue Generators:
      • Citizen Owned Casino +$1B (est.)
      • Marijuana Tax +$1B (est)
      • Re-open Meigs Field +$500M

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  • John Wright
    commented 2019-02-24 08:43:28 -0600
    I am a conservative and I will be voting for Willie Wilson on Tuesday. Willie is not a man of words , he is a man of ACTION. This is what CHICAGO needs. Lower taxes and more efficient public services.
  • Michael
    commented 2019-02-17 17:58:30 -0600
    Dr. Wilson appears to be the only candidate who understands the value of Meigs Field. Returning Northerly Island to an airport is a brilliant idea. That kind of thinking indicates an intelligent business-minded person that we need to run this huge city.

    The other specific ideas that Dr. Wilson is promising, legalizing marijuana, abolishing the traffic cameras, and ending police cover-ups, make a solid platform worthy of election to the office of Mayor.
  • Brian Beach
    commented 2019-02-17 17:39:01 -0600
    I’m a Conservative and don’t agree with several things that Mr. Wilson supports, but the fact that he wants to reopen Meigs Field makes me want to move to Chicago to vote for him.
  • David Gurney
    commented 2019-02-15 13:22:19 -0600
    I like this agenda. RE-OPEN MEIGS? SMART. Not only is Meigs a revenue source, but Wilson’s awareness of emerging aviation technology makes him a rarity among local politicians. Meigs must be one of the most ideally located GA airports in the world (aside from weather limitations). Right downtown, protected all around by water, and not bothering any neighbors. Go for it.

    I also like the idea of rolling back the anti-citizen rip-offs that Rahm has visited upon us, specifically traffic cameras. The city needs revenue, but ripping off taxpayers for going 35 down a major street bounded by the concrete walls of a CEMETERY and calling it a “park?” That’s offensive in the extreme.

    Mr. Wilson needs to expand on this agenda with more specifics; most importantly, more (respectable) revenue sources and cost-cutting measures. Property taxes are out of control in Chicago, but freezing them carries a fiscal penalty that must be offset.
  • Scott Rohlfing
    commented 2019-02-15 02:01:12 -0600
    I will never forget the day Daily closed Meigs. I thought it was an April fools joke. Mr. Wilson, you have my vote!
  • Stephan Bolls
    commented 2018-12-25 21:38:57 -0600
    Mayor Candidate Willie Wilson thank you for your support to the black community.
  • Keegan
    followed this page 2018-10-26 06:24:03 -0500