Willie Wilson’s 10 Point Plan

REAL solutions to turn Chicago around!

“Politics & city corruption have hurt the people of Chicago for far too
long. Learn Dr. Willie Wilson’s common sense solutions to put people
over politics and turn Chicago around!”

----10 POINT PLAN----

  1. Create Safe Neighborhoods:
      • End Carjackings
      • Re-open Community Mental Health Centers
  2. No More Property Tax Increases:
      • Property Tax Freeze
  3. Re-open Closed Schools:
      • Elected School Board
  4. Legalize Recreational Marijuana:
      • Tax It
      • Make it Safe
  5. Economic Development:
      • Create Small Businesses, Community Based Grants
      • Fairness in Contracts and Jobs
      • End Homelessness
  6. End Political Corruption:
      • Honest Government
      • Progressive City Council
  7. Support Sanctuary Cities
  8. End Police Brutality:
      • No More Laquan McDonald Cover Ups  
  9. Abolish Red Light Cameras
      • Seniors Ride CTA Free
  10. New Revenue Generators:
      • Citizen Owned Casino +$1B (est.)
      • Marijuana Tax +$1B (est)
      • Re-open Meigs Field +$500M

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